Best Everyday Decanter Reidel ‘Cabernet’ Decanter

Best Everyday Decanter Reidel ‘Cabernet’ Decanter

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Small yet mighty! If you invest in one decanter, this is the one. The medium-bowl decanter is an all-purpose size and shape, ideal for wines that are a few years shy of their maximum aromatic potential or just need a little extra oxygen to help them open up and express themselves.

For older bottles where sediment is expected, consider a wide-bottom decanter, but in a pinch, leave your bottle standing up for 24 hours and decant over a stainless steel strainer, a little at a time. 

Learn all about wine decanting on the DiVino blog.

Crystal decanter.
37.5 oz capacity (one bottle)
Hand-washing recommended, but dishwasher safe.